New Features & Fixed Issues

Added product attributes feature, which works as follows

- The seller will need to choose one or more available selections for each product attribute.

- The seller will be able to enter quantities and price variations for each available combination.

- On the product details page, the buyers will need to select one value for each product attribute based on the available stock that the seller has entered.

Added ability to order images for listings with drag and drop on the item listing form.

Disabled the "add to cart" button when the seller activated on vacation feature.

Added ability for sellers to be allowed to edit quantities/prices for their products, even if these products have been sold.

Added ability for users to be allowed to change/update their e-mail addresses.

Added a custom sale invoice content field, in order for sellers to be able to include their VAT/other applicable details which can be set up at Members Area > My Account > Account Settings