New Features & Fixed Issues - 03/20/2016

Fixed Issues

- fixed issue whereby on the browse pages, using the sort by drop-down will reset the price search filter.

- fixed an issue with the quantity text field not appearing on the listing details page when having an unlimited quantity for a listing.

- fixed an issue whereby an fatal error was thrown when trying to upload non existent custom fields when using the bulk lister.

- fixed an issue whereby when a bulk csv file was not saved with utf-8 encoding, certain characters in the title/description fields were not parsed correctly.

New Features

- added regions and accepted currencies for the Amazon payment gateway. See Members Area > My Account > Account Settings

- added items per page selection for the selling section. See Members Area > Selling > Open

- added an option for bulk listings to be uploaded as drafts, and for drafts to be able to be listed directly and in bulk (rather than one by one), rather than being uploaded as live items.

- rearranged the invoice display page for a clearer overall display.

- added user / ip banning plugin for the sellers. See Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Blocked Users

- added an email preferences module that will allow the end user to select which emails to receive from the website. All emails that can be managed will include a link to the email preferences page. See Members Area > My Account > Email Notifications

- added a plugin that will allow the seller to enter his direct payment details on the listing process directly, this way not having to separately enter these credentials from the account section if wanting to enable a certain payment gateway.